JRHS Open House

2020-2021 Academic Year

Frequently Asked Questions

We've put together some of the most common questions which come up during our Open House. If you still have a question ask a Question

What does the school day look like at John Rennie?

The school hours for John Rennie are 9:00-3:35. With a 15 minute recess break from 10:55-11:10 and a 50 minute lunch break from 12:05-12:55 or 12:55-1:45 depending on the scheduled day.

Our Sport-Etudes students start their school day at 8:10 and finish at 12:00 with a 15 minute recess along with the rest of the school. PED Support is also available for students in the Sport-Etudes Program from 12:55 until 1:45pm.

Does John Rennie have a uniform?
No, John Rennie does not require a uniform. We do however have a dress code that is available to view on our school website. We do require a Physical Education uniform of John Rennie T-Shirt and appropriate running shoes. A T-Shirt is given to all incoming grade 7 students. Other shirts can be purchased from our online school store.
Are students provided with an Agenda?
Our Agenda is completely digital. We use Studyo and encourage you to check out their promotional videos to see what they offer on their website. Most of our teachers also use Google Classroom and this synchronises with the students online agenda when configured to do so by the teacher.
How much will I pay in school fees?
School fees vary by course selection, and are based on governmental regulations as set out by the gouvernement du Québec and the Ministère de l'Éducation. We issue our school fee statements online using the Mozaik Parent Portal.
If my child needs additional support in school or has an IEP what services are available?

We have an excellent Guidance department where students can access our two Guidance Councillors, as well as our School Psychologist, and School Nurse. Our Planning Room technician is also available for students who need a different space to write tests and exams.

In addition to this, our resource department is one of the largest in the LBPSB. Support is available for students who have an IEP, and all of our staff meet to review these IEPs at least once per year. All of our Grade 7 teachers review elementary IEPs which are sent to us by the child's Elementary School.

Will my child get a supply list before they start school?

We don't provide a school supplies list before students start school as different teachers will require slightly different items.

Once your child has had their first class in each subject, they will have a clear vision of which materials are required.

Does my Child have a Homeroom Teacher or Homeroom?

All students are assigned a Homeroom, and in Grade 7 and 8 they will take the majority of classes together. Their Homeroom teacher is their Day 1, Period 1 teacher. In Cycle 1 students take almost all their classes in the same hallway, reducing the amount of travelling required around the school (and reducing the stress of getting lost).

Students are also assigned a locker outside of their homeroom so that they can store their books, and belongings. We recommend that students get familiar with using their lock before arriving at school. Locks are available to purchase from the school, or you may supply your own.

What Extra Curricular Programs are offered at John Rennie?
One of the advantages about being a large High School is that we have the ability to offer a large number of extra-curricular activities, before school, during lunch and after school. These include, but are not limited to: