JRHS Open House

2022-2023 Academic Year

Welcome to our Virtual Open House Tour

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Welcome to JRHS

Welcome to John Rennie High School.

John Rennie High School serves a vibrant school community that is socially, economically, and culturally diverse. Our school’s vision is to develop the 21 st century knowledge, skills, aptitudes and interests of all John Rennie students, in a stimulating, nurturing and enriching school environment.

We hope you’ll enjoy this virtual presentation prepared for you by the staff and students of our wonderful school. Sit back, relax and learn about all that John Rennie has to offer. We are sure you will be impressed!

Enjoy this introduction from our principal


Why Choose John Rennie?

We asked some of our students why they chose John Rennie. Here's what they had to say.



Learn more about our vibrant Leadership program. Both Junior and Senior Leadership are a large part of our school and our wider community, organising events, acting as our student council and running our school store. Our leadership students can be found throughout our school enhancing the experience for all.


Academic Plus

Our Academic Plus program includes:

  • Chromebooks used as a creation tool.
  • An enriched level French Immersion program emphasizing mastery of written and oral French.
  • An enriched English program which includes reading and novel study, expository and creative writing, poetry, debating, and oral presentations.
  • Spanish Third-Language program.
  • An enriched Mathematics program based on problem solving and reasoning.
  • An enriched Science program designed to prepare students for advanced Science courses.
  • Unique and innovative curricular materials and methods.
  • Experiential learning excursions designed to enhance classroom learning.
  • A community service component that encourages awareness, concern, and commitment to others.
  • Unique workshops to expose students to a wide variety of cultural activities.



The Sport-Études program was launched at John Rennie High School in the 2000-2001 school year. The Sport Federations involved have concluded protocols with the Lester B. Pearson School Board and John Rennie High School, local clubs and associations, and Le Ministère de l'Éducation et Enseignement supérieur (MEES). Entrance criteria and practice requirements are set by the individual federations.

To be eligible for the John Rennie Sport-Études program, athletes must be connected with one of the recognized Sports Federations.


English, Drama & Actors Studio

The English Department at John Rennie High School has some of the highest Grade 11 results in the province. This is made possible by our team of dedicated teachers, and innovative programs.


Social Studies

The Social Studies Department at John Rennie High School has some of the highest Grade 11 results in the province. This is made possible by our team of dedicated teachers, and innovative programs.


Physical Education

The goals of the program are; Development according to individual talents and abilities, Promotion of an optimal level of physical fitness, Development of good health habits ● Development of a positive attitude towards life-long, active participation in physical activities

Various activities are involved, and could include: basic movement and warm-up exercises, track and field, gymnastics, basketball, volleyball, soccer, wrestling, badminton, softball and dance. A unit in Health Education will also be included. Course is offered 2 periods on a 6 day cycle for the full year.



Mathematics at John Rennie has some of the highest results in the school board. Cycle 1 continues on skills learned in Elementary School while introducing the concepts of Algebra.

Here at John Rennie we use many innovative methods of teaching Math and our Math teachers go above any beyond to help students succeed.



Il est basé sur le programme langue d’enseignement du MEES. Ce dernier vise à favoriser, chez l’élève, la maîtrise du français écrit et parlé, à accroître son plaisir de lire, d’écrire et de communiquer oralement et à développer une attitude positive.



At JRHS the students will be introduced to Science and Technology through Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Students will explore four main topics: The Material World, The Living World, Earth and Space as well as The Technological World.

Using the Scientific Method, the students will solve problems and to conduct experiments. Students will also use this method to help them in the concept of technology and to create technological objects as well as the process of technological analysis to have a better understanding of technological objects.


Option Subjects

John Rennie recognizes the important role that the arts play in our society as an expression of our cultural identity. Furthermore, the ability to do a skilled trade or to find one’s center are more and more in fashion. With this in mind, Cycle one students are given the choice of art, music and drama, however, in Cycle 2 the students have a vast selection of courses to choose from including cooking, woodworking, Actor’s Studio, yoga as well as different art mediums and Band.


Resource & Guidance

The Resource Department at John Rennie is here to support students who have an Individualised Education Plan. The department is supported by our Guidance team who provide access to Guidance Councillors, a Planning Room Technician and services from the Lester B Pearson School Board including the School Nurse, and a Psychologist.

Students who are unable to follow a regular school day take part in our life skills program which is run by our Special Education Technician in both the resource room, and our dedicated Condo (laid out to teach essential skills) housed on site.


Advice to Grade 7's

We asked some of our students what advice they would give to their Grade 7 self or the advice they would give to a new student joining John Rennie in Grade 7. Here are their responses to our questions.